Do I Hear a Waltz?

Schrijvers: Arthur Laurents, Stephen Sondheim
Componist: Richard Rodgers

Leona, an unmarried American secretary “of a certain age,” goes on a vacation to Venice where, under the spell of that enchanted city, she falls in love. The gentleman is an attractive, middle-aged shopkeeper, whose attentions give flight to her deepest dreams of romance. Too soon, however, he openly informs her that he is a contented family man, and Leona’s hopes are dashed. She can, for a short time, harness romance, yet realizes that such a relationship would have nowhere to go. Still, might it be better than never having loved at all?

This timeless story, which was also the basis of the movie Summertime starring Katharine Hepburn, remains a bittersweet testament to the complexities of the heart.

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22 Libretto-Vocal Book
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