Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical

Componisten: Bob Walton, Jim Walton
Schrijvers: Bob Walton, Jim Walton
Arrangeurs: Bob Walton, Jim Walton

With a balanced look at the ‘joys’ of growing older, through a cast of three men and three women, MID-LIFE! strikes a chord with anyone regardless of age. A series of scenes and sketches poke fun at the frustrations of mammograms, love handles, weekend warriors and proctology exams. The cleverly crafted songs celebrate forgetfulness, reading glasses and menopause, but also touch on the sentimental wisdom that the later years afford us. MID-LIFE! is a hilarious romp with an honest humor about the trials and tribulations of the unavoidable aging process. Welcome to MID-LIFE!

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Instrumentatie: full package (Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical)

1 Piano-Vocal
8 Libretto-Vocal
1 Reed
1 Drums
1 Bass
1 Logo Pack

Instrumentatie: piano only (Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical)
1 Piano-Vocal
8 Libretto-Vocal
1 Logo Pack
3 Women
3 Men

Strong character actors needed of all shapes and sizes.