Double Trouble (A Musical Tour de Farce)

Jimmy and Bobby Martin have the opportunity of a life time – writing a song for a major motion picture – except they have only a few hours to do it. From the creators of the hysterical revue MID-LIFE! THE CRISIS MUSICAL, DOUBLE TROUBLE (A MUSICAL TOUR DE FARCE) is a spoof of 1940s Hollywood in which 2 performers play 10 different larger than life characters. Written and originally performed by Bob and Jim Walton, this tale of singing, dancing and song-writing brothers, is sure to get you laughing and your toes tapping.

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Instrumentatie: Complete Package

Double Trouble (A Musical Tour de Farce)


REED (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax)






ON-STAGE PIANO (can be in the pit)

2 Men

Double Trouble is performed by two actors, each playing one half of a singing, dancing and songwriting team as well as multiple other characters.

Bobby Martin
Jimmy Martin

Bobby?s Characters:
Merwin M. Garner ? the boss of MMG Studios
Millie Ferber ? Mr. Garner's secretary
Seymour Beckley ? an intern
Rebecca Lefleurdelemaganis ? the beautiful redhead movie star

Jimmy?s Characters:
Jenna Jumper ? host of Jenna Jumper's Cavalcade of Stars
Preston Creest ? a famous director-choreographer
Bix Minky ? the audio engineer
Swifty Morris ? a slick, Hollywood agent
Rebecca Lefleurdelemaganis ? the beautiful redhead movie star